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One product, limitless possibilities.

Mjolnir Energy aggregates the capacity of parked EVs in conjunction with fixed repurposed batteries and uses their capacity to intelligently manage energy. Every single vehicle and battery is connected to our cloud-connected proprietary Yggdrasil Algorithm, which uses advanced Optimization Techniques and Artificial Intelligence to control and manage power efficiently.

Mjolnir Energy revolves around one basic solution, but by implementing our product in a modular and intelligent manner, we can scale according to the needs of our customers. The benefits of our services are manifold:


Our Services

Ancillary Support
Frequency Containment Reserve

Mjolnir Energy participates in the Nordic FCR markets, offering capacity bids in order to maintain the grid working as intended at all times. 

Demand Side Management
Intelligent Energy Control

Using on-site capacity, we provide load shaving and peak shifting capability, lowering power demand charges and increasing efficiency.

EV Chargers
Intelligent chargers for EVs

The electric vehicle revolution is here, but charging infrastructure is needed to power it. Mjolnir Energy installs intelligent chargers at all our facilities for EV users.

Ancillary Support

The electric power network needs to maintain a balance between generation and consumption at all times. When the network falls out of balance, there may be disastrous consequences such as damaged equipment or a collapse of the network - a blackout. Thankfully, there exist several fail-safes to ensure that the network always operates as it should, and one of these is the procurement of sufficient Power Reserves. 

The Nordic Transmission System Operators, the companies charged with maintaining and operating the grid, have an agreement that specifies the amount of Reserves that each entity must provide - and this is procured through the Reserve Market. Enter Mjolnir Energy.

Mjolnir Energy aggregates the capacity of all our batteries and connected EV's through our proprietary Yggdrasil algorithm and bids this capacity every hour of every day on the market, providing ancillary services and  additional reserves to utility operators. Given the nature of the market, our company is remunerated regardless of whether or not we are actually needed at the moment, guaranteeing a continuous, predictable revenue stream. 

Demand Side Management

The electric grid must maintain a balance between generation and demand, but even the best power networks have a limit to the amount of electricity they can transmit at any given moment. In order to maintain the network operating optimally, utility operators charge an additional tariff, known as a demand charge, on anyone that consumes too much power at once. For large facilities, such as industrial or commercial complexes, this can result in significant costs in day-to-day operation. 

All electricity is not the same cost either: Depending on the system demand and the sources of energy producing power during a time window, the price of electricity can vary throughout the day. 

Mjolnir Energy uses our local power capacity - that is, the batteries and EVs connected at the site itself - and manages power flows in order to minimize costs and increase efficiency:

During low electricity prices, Mjolnir Energy can charge its batteries and use that power later in the day - when the electricity is needed and prices are higher. If a facility requires too much power at any given moment, Mjolnir Energy provides some electricity from its batteries in order to reduce or eliminate the demand charges during that moment. When power demand is low, our batteries charge up slowly and get ready for the next cycle. The same amount of energy is consumed, but the peak power drawn is significantly lower.

That's the power of Lightning on Demand.

EV Chargers

The electric vehicle revolution is here, and with it comes the marriage between the transportation and power sector - bringing with it both new opportunities and new challenges.

Charging the new fleet of electric vehicles is no easy task, and millions of new charging stations - both at home and at work - need to be installed in order to ensure a smooth and painless transition away from fossil fuels. EVs represent much more than just a transition away from petrol vehicles, however: they have the capability of changing the very way we power our homes and consume electricity.

Mjolnir Energy installs state of the art intelligent chargers that give control over when and how your vehicle charges, increasing energy efficiency, reducing cost of charging, and helping make the grid green. 

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