Redefine what you know about Energy

ᛚᛁᚷᚺᛏᚾᛁᛜ ᛟᚾ ᛞᛖᛗᚨᚾᛞ

Power Redefined

Great ideas require bold solutions. 

At our company, we believe that Electric Vehicles have the potential to change much more than just the way we drive. When coupled with the power of Mjolnir Energy, they can redefine the very way we consume electricity and power our societies.

Mjolnir Energy aggregates EVs with standalone, repurposed batteries and uses their power to intelligently manage power flows, providing clean and intuitive flexibility services.

We may not have lightning in a bottle, but we have the next best thing. 

Ancillary power in Reserve Markets

Mjolnir Energy reinforces the power grid, increasing network stability, lowering costs of operation, and allowing for the installation of more clean, renewable energy.

Demand Side Management capabilities

Your business is smart - and so should the way you consume electricity. Mjolnir Energy intelligently manages your power flows, increasing efficiency and reducing your electrical bills. 

Charging infrastructure for EV users

Electric Vehicles are the future of transportation. Mjolnir Energy provides the necessary charging infrastructure for the next step in the transportation revolution. 

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